Pre-requisite requirements

  • Undertake a business name search from the Registrar General
  • Obtain a “letter of no objection” on suitability of the name from TVETA
  • Register the Business name with the office of the Registrar General
  1. Download the TVETA application Forms for accreditation of institution, manager, Trainer, approval of programs, foreign institution and checklist here.
  2. Submit complete application forms to TVETA ( Telposta Towers 25th Floor) or email to
  3. TVETA will Verify and evaluate the completeness of the application Forms and an acknowledgement letter will be sent to the applicant
  4. The institution will be scheduled for inspection if the application is found to meet minimum requirements by the TVETA Director General.
  5. A Team of assessors will physically visit and inspect the institution for compliance with set standards for registration and licensing. Download the assessment tool here
  6. The assessors will prepare an inspection report which will be presented to TVETA Board
  7. Resolution of the Board based on evaluation of the inspection report shall be;
    1. Approve Licensing of the institution
    2. Reject the application
    3. Request the Institution to improve within a period of six months
  8. The applicant is notified on results of the TVETA Board resolution within 3 months from the date of submission of a fully compliant application
  9. TVETA will issue training License to qualified institutions.
    and maintain a register of the institutions and programs approved.
  10. TVETA will maintain an institution register of;
    • On going registrations
    • Approved and registered
    • To improve
    •  Rejected