A panel of technical officers visits institutions for the purpose of ascertaining the level of preparedness to offer training in given programmes and for standards compliance and reports its findings.

Assessment / Inspection key areas

  • Institution’s particulars: Name, Postal address, Physical address, Location/Building/Street, County, registration of business name certificate No., Health inspection report, Business premises lease agreement or title deed and date of establishment
  • Management and administration:: Nature, composition, evidence of meetings, manager/principals qualifications, administrative and financial records
  • Guidance and counseling unit: office, qualifications of the head of the unit and evidence of counseling sessions
  • Legal documents related to education and training: TVET Act 2013, Sessional papers, Basic Education Act, 2013, Universities Act, 2012, Teachers Service Commission Act of 2012, Code of Regulations for Teachers, KNEC Act 2012, Occupation Safety & Health Act (OSHA, WIBA 2007, Labour Relations Act and Employment Act, 2007
  • Internal quality assurance: composition of the committee and annual reports to TVETA
  • Administrative offices: reception, principal’s, staffroom, Guidance and counseling
  • Theory rooms, Workshops and laboratories
  • Tools and equipment for training
  • Library reading space and relevant books
  • Sanitation facilities for both female and male users
  • Electricity and water supply
  • Safety facilities to include various types of fire extinguishers: fire hose reel, water type, carbon dioxide, dry powder, foam, fire blanket, sand bucket
  • Curriculum: courses applied for, syllabi available, enrolment and examining bodies
  • Trainers qualifications
  • Teachers preparation documents: Course Outline, Scheme of Work, Records of Work, Student’s Progress, Records Teaching Notes and Attendance Register
  • Examination Results and Analysis: examination policy and records
  • Industrial attachment: Industrial attachment and insurance policy, Liaison officer and records

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